Red Kite Design

Red Kite Design is your partner for the development of all custom electronics With more than 20 years of experience in the development of both simple and complex electronics, Red Kite Design can help you obtain the missing piece of hardware you need to continue with your project, proces or product.  


Red Kite Design can advise you on all electronics-related questions. Independent and to the point, we will investigate the question and formulate the advice that best suits your needs. Whether that is to buy a common of-the shelf product, or to start a new design.

The final stage is that you will get a well-thought out advice, which gives you direction and confidence in your further steps.


Together with you we will draw up a specification. Including not only the functional requirements, but also all enviromental and regulatory conditions. Cost, availabity, reliability, longlevity: all relevant parameters are included.

The end result will be a proper specification that can be used both for solliciting proposals, as for judging the quality and performance of the final product.


We can design any piece of electronics from specification. Should the specification leave any relevent question unanswered, we will contact you and find an answer together with you.
It doesn't matter who made the specification in the first place, we can design from our own specification as well as from the customers.

Red Kite Design will deliver a dully docmented schematic, that can be used by any layout-engineer to produce proper data for manufacturing.


Red Kite Design prepares the layout from the design files using industry standard procedures and tools. Even if you allready have the design ready, Red Kite Design can still help you with creating a PCB layout or preparing the data for a successful production run.

After layout, you'll have all the data you need to order assembled PCBs


Depending on your wishes, we can arrange the prodcution for you, or just bring you in contact with a producer. Intermediate forms are also possible.

Red Kite design does not do production itself, but we can arrange it, including all the details of part procurement and final assembly.


Red Kite design can execute all simple and some complext testing. We can also arrange for testing at a production location. For more complex testing we can assist you with the design of test-setup, and the development of a test-protocol. If applicable, we can visit your lab to execute certain tests.

All test result are collected in a comprehensive report and reported to the customer.


These images (from boards designed by Red Kite Design) give an impression of the range of technology and complexity we can master

board with atmel AtMega328 chip, large capacitor, connectors and other smd components
Red PCB with large capacitor, and black and blue modules
Large PCB with lots of components
Small part of PCB with Gigabit Ethernet transformers and connectors

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Red Kite Design
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